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Walk the History of the Olympics

'Walk the History of the Olympics', is an initiative designed to help promote sustainable forms of transport to school.

Each class teacher will be asked to do a simple head count of how many children have walked, scootered or cycled to school each morning. At the end of the week, the school will log onto a website and enter the total number of children who have walked, scootered or cycled for that week. Each school will have their own special "Olympic Mile Calculation", based on the amount of walkers etc they have in the school at present and the size of the school - this ensures that there is no bias between larger and smaller schools.

Each school will pass through each city that has held the Olympics, as they clock up the miles. First, second and third prizes will be awarded to the schools that reach London first (or travel 128,000 miles). There will also be mystery prizes attached to certain cities along the way, to keep up enthusiasm. To finish, there will be a special award ceremony for the winning schools at the end of the challenge. Extra Olympic miles may also be awarded to schools who participate in Walk to School week, WoW, Bike Week etc.

More details on the initiative can be seen on the downloadable flyer.

Andy Ross,
15 Feb 2012 05:22