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London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay - Bradford


It arrived on day 37 of its 70-day, 8,000-mile, trip around the United Kingdom. After starting in Salford it travelled through Stockport, Oldham and Huddersfield on its way to Bradford, Keighley and Ilkley before ending the day in Leeds.


In Bradford the relay travelled along Manchester Road before passing across City Park’s mirror pool, out of the city centre and along Manningham Lane and Keighley Road to Lister Park. In Keighley it went up South Street and North Street and in Ilkley it travelled along Skipton Road and Leeds Road.


Huge crowds turned out with about 30,000 in Bradford city centre, 20,000 in Keighley and 20,000 in Ilkley, all enjoying the once-in-a-lifetime moment and the glorious sunshine.


A parade featuring more than 1,000 school children formed part of a special event marking the arrival of the Olympic Torch in City Park in which 35 schools took part. They were joined by a 200-strong ensemble brass band made up of musicians from dozens of bands across the district and led by the Lord Mayor of Bradford, Coun Dale Smith, around City Park.


Crowds also watched the progress of the Torch relay on the BBC Big Screen.


In Lister Park, Manningham, a family-friendly day of sporting activities and music took place. Activities included mini-Olympic sport taster sessions, body zorbing, rebound shoe jumping, play tunnels, surf simulator, an inflatable football stadium, tri-golf, space hoppers and giant board games.


Olympics-related crafts will also be stage, including Olympic Torch, garland, head wreath, mascot and medal-making.


And as part of Games in the Park (a Cultural Olympiad project which is funded by Legacy Trust UK, Imove and Arts Council England), there was also dhol drumming, double dutch skipping, performances by the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and music on the bandstand.


To see more pictures from the day, take a look through this album on the Council’s Facebook page:



Bradford - Olympic Torch Relay Map


Bradford Torch Relay Map

Starts: 2:45pm approx - Manchester Road (A641) from Clayton Lane junction

Finishes: 3:25pm approx - Lister Park - to Keighley Road junction

City Park Event Details

Lister Park Event Details


Keighley - Olympic Torch Relay Map


Keighley Torch Relay Map

Starts: 3:40pm approx - South Street (A629) from North Way junction

Finishes: 3:55pm approx - Skipton Road (A629) to junction with Hard Ings Road


Ilkley - Olympic Torch Relay Map


Ilkley Torch Relay Map

Starts: 4:45pm approx - Skipton Road (A65) from Ilkley Town Signs

Finishes: 4:55pm approx - Leeds Road (A65) to Lower Wellington Road Junction


The streets along the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay, which can be viewed in full at, gives street-by-street details and proposed start times for when the Olympic Flame will travel through the Bradford district.



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